The Modern Home Symphony

modern home sample


Modern homes are minimalistic. While they appear to be as simple as air and water, there is the awe one perceives upon seeing them. There is a feeling of serenity upon entering a modern home. They do not only appeal to our sense of beauty, they actually soothe the mind. In some ways, they talk deep into our souls and we hear a beautiful symphony that is in harmony with human life, the nature and the elements of the earth.


What makes a home, a contemporary one?


The first observation is the neo-classical design. The design looks unique in most ways than traditional homes, the floor plans, columns, roofing designs and the material used itself are far in comparison from the usual type of homes.


The materials used are concrete, steel, marble, glass and wood. Water elements are also often associated with these homes. Pools, fountains and sometimes even gentle running streams can be found outside the house and even in the interiors of the house. These housing elements are very simple, they look almost bare but the geometric designs that often come with these homes, make them stand apart from anything else seen before. While they are grand, they are almost “Zen-like” that appeals to our mind. They look peaceful, calm and sincere like monasteries found in the Himalayas, except that these were designed for the “modern monk” who seeks tranquility at home.


An undeniable observation when one sees a modern home are the color choices and combinations used, there aren’t plenty, this is to keep up with its minimalistic sense. While usual non-modern homes have more color combinations, modern homes have minimalistic color usage. Usually a color blend of only 1 or 2 hues are seen, usually the concrete and steel are white and the roofs blend in with them as well. They almost seem to be in monochrome with just one contrasting color, they are often woody linings of windows, staircases and furniture found inside the house.


This brings us to the interior, the interior contain almost no furniture, if there are, they are very simple in design, you will find furniture that are as plain as can be, without any ornamental designs on them. Staircases and windows are much bigger in size, sometimes an interior wall may actually be made of glass. Another observation are the use of curtains and drapes, you will not find many in a modern home. You will not find clutter and you will instantly observe more natural light in the rooms.


Kitchen sinks, home appliances and even faucets combine in harmony. Simple details and even the tiniest of screws used on the glass doors blend into the design. There is no discord whatsoever. There is no room left for disharmony.


Modern Homes are not just elegant. They are not just examples or achievements of humans in architectural designs and wonders. They reflect the highest form of intuitive and organic design that just works. Simply, this is art.


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