Modern Kitchen Interior Design Trends with Integrated TV

Here are some of the modern kitchen designs that can give you ideas on how a television can perfectly blend with your kitchen interior:

  1. TV on the fridge

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Placing the TV on top of the refrigerator can be one of the best space-saving solutions for a multi-functional kitchen in a Las Vegas modern homes with minimalist design.  Take note that the height of the refrigerator should be measured appropriately.  If  the height of the refrigerator is too high, the location will be uncomfortable for viewing.

  1. TV on the kitchen cabinet shelf

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If the kitchen cabinet contains a deep open shelf, this can serve as the place where you can mount your TV.  Incorporate it in one of the kitchen cabinet shelves that has a suitable and comfortable height for viewing.

  1. Retractable TV in Kitchen Islands

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A retractable TV is an exceptionally suitable alternative if you want to integrate a TV in your modern kitchen interior without ruining its elegant and spacious look.  Since it is retractable, the TV can be kept in the kitchen island when not in use.  This upholds the interior design while effectively incorporating modern digital technology into the kitchen.

  1. Wall-Mounted TV

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A wall-mounted TV is one of the most prevalent modern kitchen design trends.  This is because it provides a fast and simple way of adding the TV in your modern kitchen .  If you are doing various activities in the kitchen, you can simply rearrange the position of the TV.

  1. Ceiling-Mounted TV

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A ceiling-mounted TV provides convenience and an impressive look in the kitchen.  Purchase a TV with flexible cables and cords that enables the placement of the TV in the ceiling.  Similar to the wall-mounted TV, this also allows you to rotate and rearrange the TV any time you want.

  1. Waterproof kitchen TV screen

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Put the TV in your modern kitchen backsplash if it is high and bare.  Just make sure to choose a waterproof TV.  This will create a suitable, efficient, comfortable and enjoyable arrangement of the kitchen interior.


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