The Architecture Behind Modern Homes of Las Vegas

Modern houses today are often built with a prototype design on request by the homeowner—disregarding any architectural norms that our great architects have been using over the decades. That is the reason why the real estate firms are hiring the best architects in the state during the designing phase and the best contractors during the building phase of a modern house.

Modern houses usually come with large central rooms, extravagant swimming pools & spas in the back and well-constructed patios. The swimming pools and spas are designed to be as simple as possible with a striking look.

The Architecture Behind Modern Houses

The garages are built to be as lavish as possible with an ample amount of space not only for your cars, but also for the other things that you may want to store—e.g. tools and equipment. In addition, the flooring of the garage will match the motif of the whole house.

The exterior of the modern house is designed to be very attractive through the use of huge glass windows – giving you a nice view of the interior from the outside.  And because the interior is clearly visible from the outside, it is usually given a more minimalistic look and style granting the owner a very comfortable, relaxed feeling. The modern houses usually come furnished with fixtures, appliances and electronics that are chosen to match the motif of the house (as seen in the picture) – e.g white background paintings to match the wall, black and white colored oven and kitchen wares, blue themed cupboards, and so on.

Bathrooms, too, will not stray-away from the motif of the house— tubs are usually strategically placed beside the glass wall in order to give you a pleasant view of the mountain.

Other rooms in a modern houses include:

  • Home gym – so you may do your workout or fitness session in the comfort of your home.
  • Religious rooms – some rooms may have a religious function such as having a holy shrine.
  • Office and study rooms.
  • Entertainment rooms.

Modern houses have all the amenities you need inside the house. Therefore, you will never want to leave the house. What a luxurious and elegant way to live!

Now, the materials that are used to build a modern house are fairly straightforward.  A very light frame, aluminum and steel for foundations, bricks and stones for the walls, marble and wood for the flooring.  All of which are slowly replacing the traditional materials that are used for building houses. The architects will make sure that quality is more consistent and will accelerate the construction process by using the newer methods of building.  During the construction process, the actual buildings are separated from the foundation by making an excavation around it. Afterward, reinforced beams made out of concrete or steel replace the connections to the foundation and the materials removed under these are replaced by isolating pads. This process is called base isolation, which prevents disaster in case of an earthquake.


There is much more to say about the architectural style of modern houses, and sadly, we cannot cover it all in this article.  Nonetheless, if you are planning to build your own modern house then the Shapiro & Sher Group is the right company for you! Modern homes of Las Vegas designed by their architects will make sure that you will enjoy the most luxurious, elegant and private life as possible.