Home Fitness Studio/Gym: What’s in it for 2015?

Is working out part of your daily routine?  Are you having problems when it comes designing the gym in your modern home?  Let’s take a look at home fitness studio/gym ideas for 2015.

1. Modern/Contemporary Studio

modern/contemporary studio

(Designers: Tim Sabo & Courtney Saldivar)

This spacious studio has hardwood flooring, fabric panels, high mirrors, high windows, and track lighting.  It is perfect for yoga classes, dance practice, music rehearsals, physical training, aerobics and more.  You can also add some gym equipment if you are into weight lifting.

2. Basement Fitness Pool

basement pool

(Designer: Guncast)

This underground modern home gym is equipped with frameless glasses, red-orange drapes and a hot tub.  The gym area is packed with fitness equipment.  The best feature of this basement fitness pool is the hot tub.  You can just dip into the calming water and relax right after an intense workout session.

3. Sun Drenched Home Gym

sun drenched home gym

A sun drenched home gym allows residents to enjoy their morning workouts while seeing the amazing view of the sunrise or sunset.  This home gym is filled with strategically placed high windows and glass walls to allow natural light to come into the interior.  There is ample space in the middle of the room for aerobics, yoga, pilates and other types of workouts.

4. Tropical Home Gym + Tub

tropical home gym and tub

This kind of gym allows residents to make working out more relaxing.  The room is surrounded by huge glass windows.  This design is advisable for homes that are strategically located facing the breathtaking views of the city or surrounding area.  The tub of this gym is large enough to accommodate 3 to 4 people.

5. Nature Yoga Room

nature yoga room

Nature and mirrors are the best partners of yoga.  In this room, you will have the privilege to do your yoga session while being close to nature.  You can hear the birds chirping, and the sound of the leaves being swayed by the wind.  Also, nature can help you meditate more effectively.

6. Glossy White Shoreline Home Gym

Glossy White Shoreline Home Gym

A fresh, spacious, white, and neat fitness room, this home gym is the definition of simplicity and.  There is one fitness machine, one sofa, one television, a track light, a disco ball, floor to ceiling mirrors, one disco ball and nothing else.  This room is best for aerobics, dance practices, yoga and simple body weight exercises.


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