Bathroom Trends for Modern Homes

Modern homes are usually complemented with stylish bathrooms.  Here are some modern trends in designing an exceptional modern bathroom:

Modern showers and baths

multiple showerheads

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One of the best ways of making your baths more rewarding is to use modern showers and baths.  Shower heads come in various designs nowadays.  Rain overhead showerheads are popular among modern homes because of their simple design. The installation of multiple showerheads in a walk-in shower is also an excellent option.

floating tubs

Today, floating tubs or freestanding tubs are used in modern homes because they complement the simplicity and elegance of modern bathrooms.  Although floating or freestanding tubs are designed after old Victorian baths, they are innovated to fit into modern designs.  They come in different shapes and sizes which could totally add more details and interest to the bathroom.

Consider unconventional bathroom flooring

bathroom flooring

One of the things that people consider when designing a modern bathroom is the color and texture of the flooring.  Porcelain tiles are smooth, durable and aesthetically appealing.  Stone, ceramic and hardwood floorings are also popular options for bathroom flooring.  You can also use a heater in your flooring to keep your feet warm after taking a bath.

Use modern sinks, mirrors and light fixtures for your vanity area


Modern bathrooms usually have vessel sinks in the vanity area.  In this design, the basins sit on top of the countertop instead of being recessed into it.  This is popular because the vessel sinks come in various sizes, shapes and in different materials such as ceramic, glass or marble.

Mirrors with plain shapes could help in maintaining the simple vibe of the bathroom.  It could also be an extended mirror.  You now have the option of installing fog-free mirrors in your bathroom. For additional accents and interest in your bathroom, incorporate modern light fixtures.